My current and former students know me as a tough but fair teacher who cares a lots about student success. I have great student evaluations and busy office hours when I teach. Here are some comments. (Naturally, I skipped the ones from students who think I’m just “pretty good”!)

Comments from (undergraduate) student evaluations:

  • Kelli understands how her students work and think. When students ask questions, she is really good at determining their angle of approach and degree of understanding, so that in answering she doesn’t just express her own understanding, but rather tailors the response to her student’s intellectual needs.
  • Kelli is extremely organized and very thorough.
  • I heard this class was hard, but Kelli made it so clear and broke hard concepts into small pieces.
  • Kelli is very accessible and easy to talk to. Working with her at office hours has been hugely helpful, and I always learned a lot.
  • AWESOME, I want to study more algebra because of her! Great attitude, humble, tolerant, patient.
  • Kelli is great! One of the best professors I’ve had at Cal! Understandable, logical, extremely good at explaining concepts.
  • This class made me fall in love with math again.
  • Kelli should write her own textbook!
  • Kelli is awesome! She has taught me more about mathematics than any teacher in my life.  She is quick to figure out what misunderstandings students might be facing.  She is very friendly and approachable to anybody.

Comments from tutoring students:

  • Why didn’t my teacher just SAY that?!
  • Some of the methods you taught me saved my butt quite a few times, so I really appreciate it.  You’re a great tutor!
  • Kelli was much more helpful than the textbook.
  • Thanks so much for your help; it really helped me on my math test!

Comments from parents:

  • Your guidance has helped her tremendously.  Absolutely couldn’t have done it without you.  I’m not pushing her to work this hard, but it is gratifying to see hard work pay off.
  • [Student] really liked you and found your session helpful.  She actually thanked me (rare)!
  • [GEM student]  was ecstatic about the class and cranking on homework and game playing. Thanks for this offering!

Developing skill and adaptability in math and problem solving